Below are videos showing our products in use and how to setup etc.

Some of our Products may have been updated due to our continued development program.

The  Golf Ball Pickup and marker the "BAMP" now incorporates a new magnet assembly specifically produced for Northcroft Golf. Please note that the video contains information regarding an old style Magnetic peg, Split ring & Eyelet.

Due to continued development the Ball and marker pickup device (The BAMP) now comes with a single new style Peg and no keyring & eyelet or spare old style red rawlplugs.

Please ignore all information regarding the old red rawlplugs and the Split ring & eyelet as these are now obsolete items - Thank you.

The Tee-Up has undergone a major design change and in some respects is now significantly improved . However both the old and new versions of the Tee-Up work identically.

Any references made to Tee-Up Compact actually refer to the standard "Tee-Up" product.

The Foldaway version is a longer version of the standard but also with a Folding capability.

Tee for Two - No more bending


The Bamp & Tee-Up


How to Mark your Ball using the BAMP