Customers' Testimonials

I A - Scotland

Easy to use. Perfect for anyone with back problems/bending on golf course. 

Mr T - UK

My golfing partner was so impressed with the 'Tee-Up' that he bought one for himself!

MR PB - Arizona USA

I’ve now shot 12x18hole rounds with no discomfort. Thank You for a special product that could help every senior person who uses it.

J M - March 2017

Rating: 5*****- The best ball pickup I've ever owned. Easy to fit and easy to use. And a very good price for what it is.

Mr T - Wembley UK

Very pleased with the Tee-Up, very well designed and a credit to the inventor.

Ray - Virginia

I never had to bend over. BAMP was strong enough to pick up an iron! I played without bending over once. I could really tell the difference in the way my back felt during and after the round.

J T - UK

The Tee-up has been a tremendous asset to my golf. Thank you ZeroBend Golf!

P. S. - Florida USA

 Have used the teeing device for years. Works beautifully. -  Returning Customer

JR - Staines UK

Simply put. The Tee-Up, it's brilliant. I love it!

Mr L E - Tennessee USA

The BAMP is the best device I have seen on the market for lifting a ball from the hole. Everyone that sees it wants one.  Thank you 


The BAMP is a super product and i will certainly recommend it to others!

J B - Canada

 I have tried other devices, the Tee-up is so much better! Easy to use and light. Once golfers see your Tee Up and if any of them have any back problems they need this!

Ed - North Carolina USA

Amazing system that really works. Thank you

William - Hertfordshire UK

I can even mark my ball and pickup the marker without bending. Its been an excellent product for me

Mr B - New Zealand

 As good as it looks on your video and wouldn't have any problems recommending your Tee Up system!

J Appleby - Durham

Loving both the Tee-up and the BAMP. Helping me to enjoy my golf again! Would recommend!

Mr A L - France

I promised to tell you how I got on with my golf aids..they performed superbly. I played a round on Thursday, both devices worked well and impressed my colleagues!

Specialist products aiding your game

Don't give up the game

Bending and struggling to reach the ground can become uncomfortable at any stage of our lives, either through injury, general stiffness, medical conditions or perhaps just by getting older but it does not mean you have to stop doing the things you love.

Take the Strain from Your Game

The device that folds so you don't have to

The Tee-Up Foldaway is an extended version of the Tee-Up and is totally bend-free. For users who struggle significantly when teeing up the ball. It is regarded by many as the best on the market, already aiding over 2000 users worldwide.

Tee-Up Foldaway

Prevent injury, maintain ability

Stay playing

Stiffness and fatigue caused by constant bending can seriously effect your golf. The Tee-Up keeps bending to a minimum leaving you free and able to produce the best round possible.