For Your Peace of Mind

"We value customer service and product satisfaction above all things. We have a brilliant track record of providing it too!”

 We manufacture bespoke products for our market and provide highly specialised devices that nobody else currently produces.

Of the products supplied to our customers, most are designed and hand assembled in the UK using quality, long lasting materials, and specialised workmanship.

 The hand assembly of the products we manufacture helps ensure our items have all been given full due care and attention as they are produced and this allows for in-house testing and quality control.

The benefit to you, our customer, is that you can rely on your item being well made, reliable and ready to go upon arrival.
We are extremely proud of our products and we are sure that you will discover the value in them and gain the benefits from the quality and performance of the goods.

We offer:
* A 21 day money back guarantee
*A two (2) year warranty on some qualifying products.
(T&C's apply - For details please see the 'Payments and Warranties' and 'Shipping, Returns & Delays' information pages).

Our payment methods are all safe and secure, and you can be assured that we do not keep any data our record.

We are always happy to listen to your ideas too!

Thank you and we hope to be able to serve you soon.
The Team @  ZeroBend Golf