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Tee-Up Foldaway

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Play Golf the smart way

Users worldwide are taking strain out of their game!

Watch video - it's so simple to use!

  • Works with many tee-peg styles including regular, castle (graduated), martini, winter pyramid.
  • Easy tee-peg pickup feature
  • Complete with a 2 year warranty (T&C's apply).
  • Made in the UK.

The reliable easy to use tee and ball placer just for you.

A Golfing Aid unequalled in performance, quality and design with its patented stabiliser system is already assisting 1000's of senior golfers worldwide. If it’s hurting to bend, the Tee-Up will help to keep you playing and most importantly enjoying your golf again. You do not have to give up the game!
The Tee-Up range offers users the best choice of options available on the market today.
ZB products - thousands sold across the world, including:-

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Materials Hand assembled , made from Lightweight Aluminum, Rubber compound and Nylon with plastic ball and clip. Now comes in our latest & stylish colors of Black and Red
Dimensions "Foldaway "- Length - approx 34 inches (86 cm) ,Width - approx 3.5 inches (8.25cm) , Depth - approx 3.75 inches (9.5cm), weight - approx 0.85 lbs (385gm)
Compatibility Compatible and works well with most tee-pegs types - ' Castle/Stepped' style recommended for optimum performance and consistency in tee-peg height.
How it works The Tee-up has a handle with a clamping control mounted to the lower end. The tee and ball fits snugly into the clamp until released when the tee is in the ground. Beside the clamp, there is a spring loaded stabiliser part that presses down to the ground which helps with and offers extra control when teeing up the ball. The removable plastic airball aids in picking up your tee-peg easily after taking your shot.
Warranty The "Tee-Up Foldaway is protected by a 2 Year manufacturers warranty. This warranty ONLY covers defects due to faulty materials and/or faulty workmanship and is subject to normal conditions of use. This warranty does NOT cover for loss or theft. This warranty does NOT cover accidental or malicious damage. This warranty does NOT cover normal wear & tear. This warranty is NOT transferrable and only applies to the purchaser of the device. Evidence of purchase may be required. Postage and handling costs for the supply of any replacement parts or for a replacement device are to be paid for by the customer. Upgrades may be offered where applicable by Northcroft Golf at an additional discounted cost to the customer. For further information click here. Your statutory rights are not affected.
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Q. Why Do I Need A Tee and Ball Placer. If you can’t bend down to tee up you shouldn’t be playing golf?


A. Wrong!

Swinging a golf club is a rotational action and many players can continue to do this for many years with no problems. More common pain issues in golfers occur with the lateral movement used when leaning or bending during the teeing up process which can put tremendous strain on the body from top to bottom every time you extend and reach down to tee-up.

We feel golf should be inclusive to all. Our products help make the game easier for players with varying difficulties to carry on playing. They have also allowed para golfers to play independently where otherwise they wouldn't have been able to, which we think is wonderful for the sport.

Q. Isn’t Having One Of These Devices Being lazy?


A. Absolutely Not.

Being Lazy would be giving up the game because it hurts too much! Having and using any of our devices is not lazy. They give golfers independence and keeps them out there on the course, being active, enjoying the game they love to play and socialising. Being lazy would be giving up the game just because you can't perform tasks such as teeing up the ball.

Thousands of our customers are out there still enjoying their golf because of these products.

Q. How Can The Tee-Up Range Help Me?


A. The Tee-Up Really Can Help

We understand exercise is good for you and there is still plenty of exercise taken during a round of golf, but constantly putting strain on the joints and muscles, especially those already damaged could be contributing to further and more serious issues. The Tee-Up doesn’t just help save your muscles, it helps bones and joints as well.

Nine areas of joint and bone groups can be effected during the act of teeing up your golf ball and there is serious potential fo damage to some golfers during the teeing up process.

Many golfers already struggle with old injuries or general stiffness. Not only will the Tee-up aid these but it can seriously help prevent the chance of new injuries occurring. Not only this but using the Tee-Up can keep you feeling pain and 'stiffness free' right up to the 18th hole. This will help your game and your body no-end, leaving you feeling better about your golf and more importantly yourself.

So the ZeroBend Tee-up devices really can work in helping golfers continue playing the game they love for as long as possible by aiding bone, joint and muscle function from the first tee to the last and who knows you may even improve your score! It’s really worth having devices like these not only for your golf, but first and foremost for the sake of your body.

Q. What’s the Difference Between the Easy-T and the Foldaway.


A. Apart from the Obvious difference in their length ....

Whereas the EASY-T is about convenience and speed for those golfers that are hurting when bending just those last few inches, the FOLDAWAY is more for those golfers who cannot easily bend at all.

Q. Why don’t you have a spike to stand the device up?


A. Primarily we have our customers safety in mind.

Both for your own safety out on the course, as well as those around you. If for example a child got hold of a device with a large spike protruding out of it, we wouldn’t want you to be responsible for any accidents that could potentially happen. We have seen other devices using large spikes and we feel this is incredibly dangerous and also an extremely inconsiderate design, not fully appreciating the dangers it could pose. We did not want to be liable in this event, therefore we designed what we think is a safe product, one that should not cause unnecessary injury.  We have instead incorporate the dedicated rubber loop on our Tee-ups which is used to pick the device up from the floor. Tee placers with a spike are useless if they fall over, as you have no easy way of picking the device up again, meaning you’d have to bend! What is the point in that? With our design you can simply use the end of your driving  club and pick up the device in seconds.

Q. Why is your device better than competitors?


A. You mean apart from the obvious sleek, stylish design and colour scheme?

At ZeroBend Golf, we have carefully considered all potential users of our device and we are the only company in the world that has a full, usable, teeing-up range. We really do have a device for everyone.
 We’ve been developing our products since 2012, and in the past eight years we have worked tirelessly to get to the stage we’re at now, providing the most advanced products on the market. We believe we easily have the most ‘complete’ product available. Not only are the materials we use of the highest possible quality, making our devices long lasting and robust but we also have the most product features out of any other tee and ball placer on the market, by far. Our patented stabiliser takes our product to the next level, it provides control and precision like no other making it near on impossible not to tee up your ball first time, every time. We even had one lady who used her tee-up to pick up eggs from her chicken coop! That takes some doing without causing breakages but our device managed it. Additionally, lunike others devices on the market you don’t have to use a specific type of tee with our Tee-Up. You can use many types of tee peg design with our range of tee up devices, without fear of usability being effected. This virtually means  in most cases that you won’t have to change the type of tee you're using just to use our device.

 Our devices are manufactured here in the United Kingdom where we keep a close eye on their production, meaning we maintain the highest possible standards.

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